GLRTL (serving Eaton County) Membership

We are one of nearly 100 affiliates statewide of Right to Life of Michigan.    When you become a member of Grand Ledge Right to Life, you also become a member of Right to Life of Michigan.  Your support along with thousands across the state help us to speak more effectively, with one voice. Together, we are making a difference!

An active email address helps us to communicate with you at no charge in a very timely manner; we need yours!   We promise, no cute cat videos or singing parrots!   Watch for emails through our affiliate email account hosted by MailChimp.  We will let you know about the opportunity to support or participate in our local and statewide projects and activities.   Staying informed about life issues and speaking out in your circle is the best way to keep abortion, infanticide and doctor prescribed suicide in the forefront.  Most media continues to ignore the truth about abortion so it’s up to us to be the voice for those without one.

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Event Participation
 High School Oratory Contest
 March For Life
 Grand Ledge Color Cruise
 Eaton Co. Fair Booth
 Roe v. Wade Events
Annual Benefit Dinner
 St. Michael Christmas Bazaar

 Membership Drives
 Election Time Activities
 Contacting Legislators
 Church Representative
 Legislative Updates

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 Fairs/Festivals Booths & Tables
 Signature Ads
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NOTE NEW ADDRESS  GLRTL, PO Box 523, Potterville, MI 48876

Make checks to Grand Ledge Right to Life

Membership dues are not tax-deductible